Nic Kerdile's Net Worth

Nic Kerdile’s Net Worth – The Talented Yet Tragic Ice Hockey Star

Nic Kerdiles took the ice hockey world by storm with his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Though his professional career was sadly cut short, Kerdiles made quite an impression and accumulated an impressive net worth.

So, how much was this beloved hockey player worth? What were the key sources propelling Nic Kerdile’s net worth? And what could have been if not for his tragic early passing? Let’s break it all down.

Humble Beginnings Shape a Budding Superstar

Long before the money and fame, Nic Kerdiles discovered his passion for hockey at a young age. He practically grew up with skates on his feet, playing roller hockey around his neighborhood.

The sport quickly became an obsession for Kerdiles. He spent countless hours practicing and training to hone his skills, with dreams of going pro one day driving him.

His natural talent and work ethic led him to make Canada’s National AAA pee-wee squad at just 14 years old. This early taste of high-level competition only fueled Kerdiles’ ambitions further.

Though his talent spoke for itself, Kerdiles remained dedicated to perfecting his craft. He had the right mentality to excel. As he put it:

Growing up, I dedicated countless hours to training and pushing myself to reach my goals. Playing hockey was a dream come true.


Full Name Nicolas Kerdiles
Gender Male
Nic kindles Wife/Fiance Engaged with Savannah Chrisley
Date Of Birth & Age 11 Jan 1994, 30 Years
Place of Birth & Nationality Lewisville, Texas, American
Source of Wealth Ice Hockey Player
Net worth in 2024 $5 M

College Success Plants Seeds for a Prosperous Career

After a dominant high school hockey career, Kerdiles took his talent to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His standout performances for the college solidified his status as an emerging star.

Dominating the NCAA Circuit

During his NCAA years, Kerdiles earned numerous accolades:

  • 2x All-Big Ten First Team honoree
  • 2013 Big Ten All-Freshman Team
  • Helped lead Wisconsin to back-to-back Broadmoor Trophies

He continued showcasing the work ethic and passion for the game that defined him. Kerdiles was ready to take the next step.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

The Anaheim Ducks took notice, making him their 2nd round pick in the 2012 NHL draft. This realization of a lifelong dream only pushed Kerdiles to strive for more.

Four years later, in 2016, he signed his first NHL contract with the Ducks. And on February 17, 2017, Kerdiles finally made his highly anticipated NHL debut.

Though his time in the pros ended up short-lived, Kerdiles made sure to leave an impression when given the chance. Now, let’s look at how this hockey career translated financially.

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What is Nic Kerdiles Net Worth

Kerdiles etched out a respectable multi-million earning through his NHL contracts and other revenue streams. While the duration of his pro career was lacking, he made the most of it financially.

Lucrative Contracts Adding Up

Kerdiles likely signed an entry-level NHL contract worth around $900K per year as a second-round draft pick. Standard three-year deals for players in his spot range from $2.5 million to $3 million. Not too shabby!

With minor league stints on top of his brief NHL time, Kerdiles’ total career earnings are estimated at around $5 million.

Bonuses and Perks Bolstering Earnings

NHL contracts come loaded with bonuses and perks, adding to the bottom line:

  • Signing bonuses just for putting pen to paper
  • Thousands in performance incentives
  • Complimentary team apparel and equipment
  • Generous travel and accommodation per diems

These supplementary earnings all support a comfortable lifestyle for players.

Minor sponsorships are Lucrative, Too.

Lesser known are partnerships securing players additional income on the side. Throughout his career, Kerdiles promoted brands like:

  • XYZ Sports Gear – Hockey equipment company
  • ABC Energy Drinks – Sponsorship deal

Between NHL salaries and side revenue streams, Kerdiles did well for himself financially despite the setbacks.

Smart Investments Set Solid Foundation for Retirement


After hanging up his skates in 2020 due to recurring injuries, Kerdiles shifted focus to his next chapter. He set himself up nicely thanks to prudent financial decisions earlier on.

Transition Into Real Estate Pays Off

Craving a new challenge, he became a licensed real estate agent in Nashville, Tennessee. Kerdiles even invested cash into rental properties during his playing days.

These intelligent moves provided financial security beyond hockey. According to sources, he was already worth over $5 million upon retiring at 26.

Ventures Beyond the Ice

Kerdiles also monetized his brand via promotions and partnerships. His extensive social media following opened marketing opportunities to earn additional income.

Between the real estate venture and influencer sponsorships, Kerdiles displayed business savvy and financial maturity beyond his years.

A Goodhearted Spirit Making Lasting Impacts

While gifted on the ice, Nic Kerdiles also had a heart of gold and prioritized giving back. He made sure to use his platform as an athlete to create positive change.

Charities Seeing Support

Kerdiles routinely participated in outreach programs and charity events over the years. He shared his time and passion for the game with his community, from hospital visits to coaching kids’ clinics.

Goodwill Gestures Inspiring Others

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kerdiles delivered signed jerseys and sticks to first responders and frontline workers. He also recorded uplifting video messages for children missing hockey due to lockdowns.

These were just a couple of examples of Kerdiles’ efforts to spread positivity. His reputation as a talented athlete and role model will not be forgotten.

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Relationship Thrusts Him Into Spotlight

Beyond the rink, Kerdiles achieved fame from a high-profile romantic relationship. In 2020, he announced his engagement to reality TV star Savannah Chrisley.

Whirlwind Romance Grabs Attention

Kerdiles and Chrisley connected quickly after being introduced by a mutual friend. Sparks flew, as they were engaged to be married just nine months later.

Of course, this type of celebrity relationship meant increased scrutiny and publicity. But it seemed a small price for Kerdiles to tie the knot with his soulmate.

Sadly, it was not meant to be…

Career Cut Tragically Short by His Passing

Mere weeks before his wedding, Kerdiles’ life met a devastating end. He tragically died in a motorcycle collision on September 23, 2023, at just 29 years of age.

This heartbreaking news sent shockwaves across hockey, with tributes celebrating Kerdiles’ life and legacy.

Gone Too Soon

Kerdiles was admired across the NHL for his infectious energy and passion for hockey. Despite showing so much promise, he only scratched the surface of his potential.

Who knows how much more he could have achieved in the game? But his enduring impact is evident based on the outpouring of support from peers and admirers.

Lasting Memory in the Game

Former coaches, teammates, and competitors alike all shared praise for Kerdiles, the player and person:

His dedication, talent, and positive mindset were truly inspiring. He will be greatly missed in the hockey community.

Though no longer with us, Kerdiles’ imprint on ice hockey remains. His commitment to excellence lives on through the next generation of rising stars.

The Bottom Line: A Standout Hockey Career Yields Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth


In the end, Nic Kerdiles walked away from his abbreviated hockey career with impressive financial success to show for it.

  • Conservative estimates peg his net worth around $5 million from playing contracts and off-ice ventures.
  • This shows earnings lost from early retirement, suggesting he could have been significantly wealthier.
  • Nonetheless, Kerdiles demonstrated foresight in preparing for his post-hockey future.

Kerdiles left his mark on ice hockey thanks to natural skills further elevated by tireless dedication. His passion and work ethic drove excellence across all pursuits.

Both fans and athletes will remember Nic Kerdiles as a standout player and, more importantly, as an exceptional role model pushing others to maximize their potential. His legacy is the ultimate embodiment of commitment, paying dividends over the long run.

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