Michael Cordray Net Worth 2024: Restoring Galveston’s Legacy

Michael Cordray has restored over 20 properties in his hometown of Galveston, Texas. His passion stems from historic homes’ lasting charm and remarkable resilience. Michael uplifts communities by restoring forgotten architectural gems on the Magnolia Network’s show Restoring Galveston and through his company Save 1900.

Let’s explore Michael Cordray’s net worth & his inspiring personal and professional journey, highlighting his focus on preservation and philanthropic passions.


Full Name Michael Cordray
Gender Male
Michael Cordray Wife/Fiancé Ashley Cordray
Date Of Birth & Age 1982, 41 Years
Place of Birth & Nationality Texas, American
Source of Wealth Real Estate Professional
Net worth in 2024 Estimated $5M

Who is Michael Cordray?

Born in 1982 to parents Emil and Helen in Galveston, Texas, Michael found his early joy through helping his father Emil manage their family’s rental properties scattered across Galveston. Michael vividly recalls being in total awe of “the incredible strength and resilience” that allowed the local historic homes to withstand ferocious hurricanes for over a century.

This powerful early memory fueled Michael’s lifelong passion and enthusiasm for restoration and preservation within the real estate sector. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, Michael married his best friend and business partner, Ashley, in 2014. Together, they would establish Save 1900, one of Galveston’s leading heritage restoration companies.

Rising to fame through Restoring Galveston

When Michael was first enthusiastically approached in 2019 to star in and co-host the new renovation reality series Big Texas Fix for DIY Network (later renamed Restoring Galveston after joining Magnolia Network), he admitted feeling thrilled and honored by the unique opportunity. Each uplifting episode tackles the meaningful transformation of a historical property through thoughtful, sensitive upgrades that preserve inherent architectural character and charm.

Michael’s caring leadership and audiences are consistently amazed and warmed by his magnetic on-screen presence and passion. Now, five joyous seasons deep, the show’s popularity continues to grow.

Co-owning Save 1900 With Wife

Primarily inspired by Ashley’s initial encouragement, Michael co-founded Save 1900 in 2016 alongside his loving wife and business partner. As true preservationists, they have purchased over 20 forgotten or neglected structures around Galveston for nominal prices averaging $325,000 each.

Through diligent whole renovations completed with the highest production values and unwavering commitment to heritage integrity, Michael and Ashley’s restoration expertise and visionary teamwork have substantively boosted property values while uplifting entire neighborhoods. Save 1900 takes pride in being a prominent force for restoration in Galveston.

Michael’s Early Life & Education

Emil, his father, closely guided Michael’s upbringing. Emil’s resilient rental properties, which withstood the test of time, profoundly shaped Michael’s earliest memories.

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Michael was dedicated to achieving academic excellence. He diligently pursued his studies at Texas A&M University, attaining a Bachelor’s degree aligned with his passions in 2006. After graduating with distinction from the university with a bachelor’s degree focused on maritime administration, Michael entered the working world and gained invaluable practical skills.

Early Life

He began his career journey at Kirby Inland Marine, where he met and fell in love with Ashley. This fortunate exposure further cultivated Michael’s natural talents, which he has applied to tremendous effect in leadership roles with Save 1900.

Though Michael’s childhood in Galveston has limited details, his historical upbringing sparked a passion for heritage preservation. This enthusiasm fueled his success in stimulating projects, reviving the architectural past of Galveston for community betterment.

Early Real Estate Exposure

Michael learned essential lessons in tenant care, property maintenance, and restoration while assisting his father with rental properties in his youth. Emil’s dedication through challenges continually inspires Michael’s perseverance and community focus.

Save 1900 Revives History

Michael and Ashley’s inspiring restoration company, Save 1900, purchases fixer-upper properties at introductory prices averaging $325,000 each. By skillfully performing complete renovations with a team of experts, they sustainably generate around $3 million in average annual revenue.

Their company upgraded ten landmark projects annually, enhancing their inherent value without modifying the architectural integrity. Through positive vision, leadership, and teamwork, they uplift entire neighborhoods.

Michael’s Renowned Career

Since starring in the debut season of Restoring Galveston, Michael has continually delighted viewers and brought widespread visibility to Galveston’s architectural heritage. Spreading messages of optimism, he earns an approximate salary of $350,000 per filming season.

His income from past corporate roles also substantively contributes to his current estimated net worth. Michael’s wider influence and preservation efforts are still strongly growing.

Save1900 Property Value

Michael has founded advantageous ventures thanks to historically sensitive restorations that boost asset prices exponentially and Galveston’s surging real estate market trends. These ventures have added to his prosperity through the years. Underlying properties transformed across Save 1900 continuously increase in appraised value.

Ashley & Michael Cordray’s Net Worth 2024

With a successful career in renovating and restoring historic homes in Galveston, Michael Cordray & Ashley Cordray’s net worth is around $5 million.

  • Over the past eight years, since launching Save 1900 in 2016, Michael and Ashley’s team has restored 30 dilapidated properties into stunning landmark homes.
  • By purchasing at median prices of $325,000 each and completing budget-friendly renovations on time, Save 1900 consistently earned average annual revenues of $3.1 million.
  • Co-hosting five seasons of their hit Magnolia Network show “Restoring Galveston,” Michael and Ashley earned a combined $360,000 in 2024 from film work.
  • Their portfolio value rose significantly with additional earnings from property sales and Galveston’s real estate market growth.

With extra income from public events, endorsements, and heritage tours, the dedicated Cordray family’s 2024 assets reflected a decade of preservation efforts, supporting communities and business success through passion and teamwork.

Balancing Career with Wellness

Beyond building professional success, Michael’s loving family remains his top priority. He joyfully discussed his happy marriage to life partner Ashley since 2014 and their three terrific daughters – Elle, Emma, and Emory.

The Cordrays display exemplary skill, seamlessly blending career responsibilities with ensuring family time and occasionally bringing kids to job sites. Michael and Ashley also generously volunteer and fundraise for various Galveston community entities.

Continuing to Inspire Through Preservation

With the Magnolia Network continuing strong support for Restoring Galveston’s ongoing seasons and more Save 1900 projects in development, Michael’s overall positive impacts widely motivating others look well-positioned to grow substantially.

His masterful renovations left remarkably revived legacies echoing for generations, effectively sparking vital conversations and igniting hometown pride in Galveston’s cultural roots. As Michael’s preservation journey attracts ever-growing thrilled audiences, one can only imagine the future marvels still ahead!

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In summary, Michael Cordray’s approximately $5 million current net worth proudly reflects his proven track record of entrepreneurial success and TV accomplishments achieved over years of hard work. Jointly with beloved wife Ashley, he continues pioneering preservation efforts that thoughtfully honor Galveston’s meaningful past for the enjoyment of modern and future families.

Through inspirational vehicles like Restoring Galveston and Save 1900, Michael joyfully brings historic structures’ inherent beauty and importance vibrantly back to light. His uplifting restoration odyssey continues motivating all in the most positive of ways.

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