Marquett Davon Burton Net Worth

Marquett Davon Burton Net Worth: The Mogul’s Key to Success

American entrepreneur Marquett Davon Burton has led an inspiring journey to build a multi-million as of 2024. Through unrelenting dedication across technology innovation and literary pursuits, Burton serves as a role model for converting passion into torrential success. This blog post will let you know about Marquett David Burton’s net worth and his journey to this milestone.

Who is Marquett Davon Burton?

Marquett Davon Burton is a perfect embodiment of the modern multi-industry mogul. Currently an Executive at the education technology company Fletch, Burton has also thrived as an author, speaker, and founder of non-profits. This portfolio of ventures has rapidly accumulated an admirable net worth of $40 million.

Burton’s story conveys valuable lessons about the achievements possible when one combines education, competitive drive, and business savvy across diverse income channels. Let’s explore the factors underlying Marquett Burton’s financial ascent and the indelible impact he has already initiated.


Full Name Marquett Davon Burton
Gender Male
Marquett Davon Burton Wife Married
Date Of Birth & Anton Daniels Age 26 April 1992, 31 Years
Place of Birth & Nationality San Diego, American
Source of Wealth Tech Executive of Fletch, Author
Net worth in 2024 Estimated $30 M


Early Life and Childhood

Born on April 26, 1992, in San Diego, Marquett Davon Burton later grew up in Pasadena, California. From a young age, he exhibited early talent by graduating high school at only 16 years old. During his upbringing, Burton demonstrated curiosity, sincerity, and an early passion for technology entrepreneurship.

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Marquett Davon Burton’s Successful Career

After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees from UC Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University, Marquett Burton embarked on an impressive professional journey matched by few.

Marquett Burton’s Meaningful Work in Education

Marquett began his career focused on education, serving as Pacific Northwest Manager at Everfi and a Teach for America School Operations Manager. Through these roles, he made a significant impact on students and communities alike.

The Creation of Breakout Venture: Fletch

In 2014, Burton pioneered his breakout company, Fletch, an innovative app designed to streamline university attendance-taking. As CEO, Burton identified early on the concerning number of college dropouts and created Fletch specifically to combat this systemic issue.

With Marquett Davon Burton at the helm as CEO, Fletch rapidly expanded across over 300 university campuses. Burton also spearheaded the opening of international offices in Puerto Rico and South Korea, growing Fletch into a global education technology leader.

Marquett Burton’s Diverse Income Sources

In addition to his thriving technology company, Marquett Burton prospered through a portfolio model advance leveraging diverse income streams. Most prominently, in 2020, he published the bestselling book “The Black Box,” which added to his financial success.

What is Marquett Davon Burton’s Net Worth?

Powered by the rapid ascent of Fletch and his book sales, Marquett Davon Burton has accumulated an admirable net worth of $30 million. His financial prosperity serves as a testament to the fruits yielded through dedication and multiple simultaneous income channels.

The Impressive Financial Success

At just 31 years old, Marquett Davon Burton has already yielded enviable financial success. His net worth skyrocketed from $20 million in 2022 to recently reaching $30 million. As Fletch continues aggressive global expansion, Marquett Burton’s fortune is only expected to swell moving forward.

Marquett Burton: A Multi-Industry Mogul


Beyond his thriving education technology company, Fletch App, Marquett Davon Burton has displayed incredible versatility across industries. Burton has founded non-profits, authored bestselling literary works, and built his social media presence.

His Establishment of Educational Non-Profits

Committed to community development, in 2011, Marquett founded the non-profit Five Fingers. This philanthropic organization promotes youth literacy, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

Literary Works and Publications

In addition to non-fiction, Marquett Burton has authored fictional sci-fi novels, children’s books focused on self-confidence, and self-help guides centered on overcoming adversity.

Growing Social Media Presence

On platforms like YouTube and Instagram, Marquett Burton engages with his loyal following of over 100,000 fans. He shares inspirational stories and advice on business, self-improvement, and financial literacy.

Marquett Burton YT: 800 Followers

Marquett Burton Instagram: 38K Follwers

Marquett Burton X: 3.1K Followers

Marquett Burton Facebook: 600 Followers

Accolades and Achievements

For his admirable impact on education and the advancement of technology, Marquett has received honors, including Distinguished Alumnus from Johns Hopkins University and 40 Under 40 from Crain’s Business.

Keys Underpinning Marquett Burton’s Success


While Marquett Davon Burton has clearly demonstrated self-discipline and business savvy, a few key factors stand above the rest in enabling his prolific success across industries:

Marquett Burton’s Strong Educational Foundation

From UC Berkeley to Johns Hopkins, Marquett Burton built formidable expertise, earning degrees in political science and education. This educational grounding lent credibility while supplying transferable skills to thrive as an entrepreneur.

The Innate Competitive Drive

Marquett Burton possesses unrelenting competitive energy. He channels this intensity into every project, consistently outworking competitors through pure determination.

His Business Acumen

Beyond just working hard, Marquett wisely aligned passion with a career by focusing on education technology. He also adeptly steered Fletch’s global expansion while leveraging literary success and social media to multiply income rapidly.

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The Admirable Impact of Marquett Burton

Still, early in his ascendence at just 31 years old, Marquett Davon Burton has already cultivated an admirable impact – both financially and societally.

Lasting Influence of His Literary Works

Through bestselling books like The Black Box, focused on overcoming trials, Marquett has already changed countless lives. His empowering works will continue inspiring generations well into the future.

Contributions to Advancing Education

Via technological innovations at Fletch and educational non-profits, Marquett Davon Burton has tangibly aided countless students by improving access, engagement, and outcomes. These contributions will compound over time.

Advancement of Technology Under Marquett Burton

Marquett’s innovations at Fletch are revolutionizing the education technology landscape. He has set new standards for creatively leveraging technology to expand opportunities for learners globally.

The Example Set by Marquett Burton’s Journey

As an African-American entrepreneur who overcame financial hardship, he represents a model for actualizing one’s potential. His journey conveys the fruits of channeling trials into motivation to ultimately thrive.

Conclusion: Marquett Davon Burton as an Inspiration

In summary, driven by education, competitive vigor, and business savvy, Marquett Davon Burton serves as an inspirational leader. His dedication to excellence across technology and authorship will only yield greater fortune and societal advancements for years to come. As Burton continues to build on his success skillfully, his financial prosperity and empowering impact will persist in compounding.

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