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Kirby Allison is an American businessman and menswear influencer who has made a name for himself in luxury accessories and men’s fashion. Born on April 1, 1983, in Spring, Texas, Kirby was interested in business and finance from a young age. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, earning a BBA and BA, and started his career as a financial analyst.

However, Kirby soon realized his true passion lay in helping wedressed men properly build and care for their wardrobes. This led him to start The Hanger Project in 2007, significantly contributing to Kirby Allison’s net worth.

Who is Kirby Allison?

Kirby Allison is most well-known as:

  • Founder of The Hanger Project, a leading provider of luxury hangers, shoe care accessories and other garment care products for men.
  • A prominent YouTube lifestyle influencer with over 730K subscribers. His channel focuses on shoe shine tutorials, wardrobe essentials, and exploring the world of craftsmanship and elegance.
  • A businessman and entrepreneur constantly introducing new high-quality products for his distinguished customer base.
Full Name Kirby Allison
Gender Male
Kirby Allison Wife Married with Bianca Allison
Date Of Birth & Anton Daniels Age 01 April, 1983, 40 Years
Place of Birth & Nationality Texas, American
Source of Wealth Businessman and Influencer
Net worth in 2024 Estimated $ 10 M

Kirby Allison’s Background

As the middle child in an Episcopalian family, Kirby Allison grew up in Spring, Texas, before moving to Dallas at age two. Throughout school, he was athletic and involved in sports, student government, and church-related activities.

After graduating high school (Westfield High School), Kirby expanded his horizons by attending The University of Texas on academic scholarships. There he became a member of the prestigious Tejas social club.

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The Beginning of His Business Ventures

Kirby Allison discovered an unexpected passion for elevating the neglected clothing hanger into a luxury accessory for gentlemen. This sparked his first business venture, The Hanger Project.

Inspiration Behind “The Hanger Project”

The initial concept for The Hanger Project stemmed from Kirby’s dissatisfaction with regular shirt hangers while working long Manhattan work days.

He consulted online forums regarding high-quality wooden hangers with broad shoulder pads to maintain expensive suits properly. But when no viable options existed, Kirby saw a gap in the market.

Transforming Clothing Hangers into Luxury Items

Kirby Allison used his financial analysis skills to create his first luxury hanger prototype targeting affluent businessmen.

His product line encompasses suit, shirt, and trouser hangers made of solid maple wood with hand-polished chrome hooks, these maintained garments better shape narrow plastic versions.

Initial Experiments and Product Reviews

Kirby tested his hangers amongst online forum peers and received positive feedback about their smooth finish and sturdy craftsmanship.

The Wall Street Journal took notice, publishing a shining review calling his hangers the “enthusiastic best overall”. The hanger’s clamping function for securing pants also garnered praise.

Quitting His Job to Pursue The Hanger Project Full-time

Buoyed by the initial interest, Kirby decided to leave investment banking and devote all efforts towards The Hanger Project in early 2008.

He marketed the hangers on his e-commerce platform, rapidly becoming the web’s leading vendor of high-quality shirt and suit hangers for gentlemen.

Expanding His Range of Luxury Accessories

As The Hanger Project gained popularity in men’s fashion circles, Kirby expanded into other wardrobe accessories.

He became America’s first authorized authorized luxury French shoe polish brand, Saphir Medaille d’Or, in 2008. Kirby helped popularize popularise, launching video tutorials on achieving an immaculate mirror shine.

After seeing the demand for property storing garments, Kirby also introduced specialty luxury for sweaters, trousers, and t-shirts constructed from maple wood and velvet. This diversification significantly boosted The Hanger Project’s profitability and Kirby Allison’s net worth.

Growth and Diversification of His Income Sources

While The Hanger Project remains Kirby Allison’s core business, over the years, he has diversified his income streams through various channels as outlined below:

Revenue from E-Commerce Business

Kirby’s primary source of income is the sale of shoe care items, hangers, and other wardrobe accessories from his independent e-commerce platform to style-conscious gentlemen worldwide.

His profit margins are high given the niche luxury status of the products, although exact financials are undisclosed. Industry experts estimate over $54,000 in annual earnings from this business.

YouTube Advertising Earnings

In 2015, Kirby launched a successful YouTube channel focused on shoe shine tips and luxury lifestyle content.

With over 730K subscribers and five million+ monthly views today, it is an additional revenue stream, generating approximately $30,000 per year from YouTube ads based on familiar CPM. Allison also promotes The Hanger Project merchandise through YouTube video descriptions.

Sponsorships and Brand Collaborations

As an influencer frequently showcasing luxury brands to cultured gentlemen, Kirby Allison earns lucrative sponsorship deals and commissions, especially with clothing and accessory companies.

His channel and website have featured paid partnerships with Gaziano & Girling, Saint Crispin’s, and other premium labels, contributing over $4000 monthly to his income.

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Real Estate and Other Investments

Kirby is a savvy investor with an astute financial mind who allocates funds into select stocks and valuable real estate assets to grow his wealth.

He owns a magnificent home in the upscale Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, purchased using investment capital. Property records indicate it is now valued at around $1 million following price appreciation.

Kirby Allison’s Income and Earnings Breakdown

In summary, various estimates and reports suggest:

  • The Hanger Project Sales: $54,000+ Annually
  • YouTube Advertising Earnings: $30,000 Yearly
  • Sponsorships & Partnerships: $4,000+ Monthly
  • Investment Income: Not Disclosed
  • Total Annual Income: Approximately $360,000

This diversified set of income sources contributes to Kirby Allison’s overall multi-dollar net worth.

Kirby Allison’s Estimated $10 Million Net Worth

With an enterprising spirit and a keen eye for quality craftsmanship, Kirby Allison has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2024.

Net Worth Boosted by Multiple Income Sources

Instead of relying solely on The Hanger Project, Kirby had the business acumen to foster diverse income streams contributing to his current net worth, including:

  • The Hanger Project e-commerce sales
  • YouTube channel revenue
  • Sponsorships with luxury brands
  • Investments in real estate and securities

This varied group of profit centers has ecentresially increased his wealth and income compared to solely selling clothing hangers.

What the Future Holds for Kirby Allison?

With abundant drive and passion, Kirby Allison’s business ventures show immense growth potential in the long run.

Financial analysts estimate his net worth to multiply to $50-60 million within the next decade, contingent upon YouTube fame, e-commerce expansion, and new entrepreneurial directions.


Kirby Allison has led an inspiring journey fueled by his interest in luxury craftsmanship and helping today’s gentlemen curate timeless wardrobes.

His versatile income portfolio spanning an e-commerce store, social media and investments makes him a standout entrepreneur.

With a net worth of $10 million that keeps increasing yearly, Kirby is a role model for aspiring business people by turning a simple clothing accessory into a thriving cross-channel lifestyle brand.

As Kirby Allison continues growing his business empire, his story will motivate fellow visionaries to find unconventional niches and build distinctive brands reflecting premium quality and values.

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