Former Prosecutor & CNN Legal Analyst’s Elie Honig Net Worth

Through his multifaceted career, Elie Honig has become famous in legal and media circles. Honig’s path has been interesting, from taking down the mafia as a federal prosecutor to providing insights as a CNN analyst.

So, what is Elie Honig’s net worth &  how did he accumulate this massive wealth? Let’s look closer at Honig’s background and rise to success.


Full Name Elie Honig
Gender Male
Elie Honig Wife/Fiancé Rachael A.
Date Of Birth & Age March 4, 1975, 49 Years
Place of Birth & Nationality New Jersey, American
Source of Wealth CNN Legal Analyst
Net worth in 2024 Estimated $5M


Who is Elie Honig?

Born on March 4, 1975, in Camden, New Jersey, Elie Honig spent his early years in Voorhees and Cherry Hill. He graduated from Cherry Hill East High School in 1992 before heading off to college. Both of Honig’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors who immigrated to the United States from Poland in 1949.

They settled in Passaic, New Jersey, where Honig’s father was born in 1950. Honig remains proud of his Jewish ancestry. Today, the 49-year-old is married to Rachael A. Honig and has two young children. Honig tends to keep his family life private, preferring to focus on his professional endeavors in the legal and media realms.

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Elie Honig’s Early Life and Education

Elie’s early promise glowed through with excellent education starting in New Jersey. He graduated near the top of his high school class, then earned bachelor’s and juris doctorate degrees from Rutgers University and Harvard Law School, respectively.

Honig earned a university degree in 1997, followed by a Doctor of Law with honors from Harvard University in 2000. This strong foundation set Elie up for future career success through his dedication to lifelong learning and hard work.

Elie Honig’s Career as a Prosecutor

From 2004 to 2012, Elie was an Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, securing over 100 organized crime convictions. He eliminated dangerous figures like Captain Angelo Prisco of the Genovese crime family. As Assistant New Jersey Attorney General, Elie fought injustice, paving the way for his financial security.

Elie Honig’s Family Life

Born in 1975, Elie began his journey in New Jersey surrounded by loved ones. While shielding privacy, it’s clear family nourishes Elie’s drive for justice and happiness.

Who is Elie Honig’s Wife?

Elie joyfully found a partner sharing his service values. Rachael works as an attorney like Elie, including as an Acting New Jersey Attorney. With law degrees from elite schools, Rachael contributes significantly to their loving household and community.

Elie Honig’s Children, Parents and Siblings

Elie developed his virtues through his family. His children inspire him daily, witnessing his achievements and societal contributions. Elie’s foundation promotes helping others through challenging yet rewarding work, prioritizing privacy. This is evident in his varied careers.

Elie’s family offers unwavering support for his dreams. Protecting loved ones, he focuses on promoting justice for all. Privately, Elie’s relationships fuel his creativity and resilience.

Elie Honig’s Net Worth

Elie Honig’s exceptional achievements in various reputable career fields have led to an estimated net worth of $5 million. After over 15 years as a tough federal prosecutor, he transitioned smoothly into roles as a bestselling author, podcaster, and CNN’s senior legal analyst.

Given industry standards, Honig’s salary from CNN alone likely exceeds $1 million annually. Additional income streams from book deals, speaking engagements, and his famous “Up Against the Mob” podcast contribute significantly.

Elie Honig’s Income Sources

Elie built a varied yet strategically focused career network over time. This multi-faceted approach has undoubtedly cultivated his present $5 million net worth.

Legal Career Earnings

As a prosecutor from 2004 to 2012, Elie’s annual salary likely surpassed $100,000. When directing New Jersey’s Division of Criminal Justice from 2012 to 2018, his pay probably neared $200,000.

Such positions offered financial security while enabling Elie’s passion for justice. His expertise shone with distinction, further enriching himself through dedicated public service.

Elie Honig CNN Salary

Today, as CNN’s distinguished senior legal analyst, Elie doubtlessly makes over $500,000 yearly. His illuminating analyses for global audiences generate tremendous positive societal impacts, ones CNN rightly supports.

Elie’s insightful commentary also, without question, contributes significantly to CNN’s reputation as the primary global news source.

Book Royalties

Moreover, Elie’s publications, including “Hatchet Man,” reached best-seller status. This understandably provided sizeable advances and ongoing royalties.

Through books, Elie spreads knowledge far beyond television, adding millions to his wealth. Literature is an investment paying rich annual dividends.

Podcast Earnings

Podcasts also yield Elie supplemental income streams outside courtroom duties. Popular programs such as “Up Against the Mob” add further to his $5 million net worth while cultivating justice. The exposure from podcasts has amplified Elie’s visibility and marketplace value exponentially.

Elie Honig’s Career Highlights

As CNN’s senior legal analyst, Elie clarifies complex legal issues brilliantly, providing critical guidance on ethics and justice. His expertise stems from a career dedicated to pursuing truth.

  • Analysis of High-Profile Cases: On CNN, Elie’s commentaries on prominent trials like Derek Chauvin’s provide valuable context. With clarity and compassion, Elie unpacks prosecutorial strategies and judicial nuances. His expositions ensure fair, comprehensive understanding.
  • Prosecutions of Organized Crime: As a prosecutor from 2004-2012, Elie secured 100+ convictions against mobsters, including Captain Angelo Prisco and construction magnate Matthew Ianniello. Elie’s diligence enhanced communities by dismantling criminal enterprises.
  • Battle Against the Mafia: Elie weakened America’s top gangs by prosecuting cases like against Gambino boss Daniel Marino. He stood firm against formidable opponents, instilling hope in justice’s power.
  • Elie Honig’s Books: “Hatchet Man” and “Untouchable”: Elie sheds light on legal issues through his writings. “Hatchet Man” and the recent release “Untouchable” blend captivating stories with valuable lessons, furthering Elie’s influence and contributing to his $5 million net worth.
  • Elie Honig’s Podcast “Up Against the Mob”: Elie’s podcast showcases his life’s work, generating revenue and inspiring listeners with stories of brave individuals fighting social issues. “Up Against the Mob” enriches communities financially and educationally.

Elie Honig’s Social Media Presence

A social media wizard, Elie Honig bridges law and the public via delightful online connections. His digital presence allows for the broad sharing of knowledge by clarifying issues people wonder about daily.

●     Elie Honig Twitter

On Twitter, Elie’s 290K+ followers enjoy his commentary on critical trials. With humor, he simplifies complex ideas concisely. Conversations encourage questions, enhancing understanding.

●     Elie Honig Instagram

With 12.5K followers, Elie’s Instagram showcases captivating courtroom snapshots sparking discussions. From family to legal insights, his reassuring tone resonates with many.

FAQ’s About Elie Honig

Let’s explore several commonly asked questions and learn more about the man behind the notable accomplishments.

Q. How Old is Elie Honig?

Born on March 4, 1975, in Camden, New Jersey, Elie Honig is 49 years old as of 2024.

Q. How Tall is Elie Honig?

Although Elie has not publicly stated his height, based on photos, he appears to stand at approximately 5 feet 10 inches or 177 centimeters tall.

Q. Is Elie Honig Gay?

No, Elie is happily married to his wife Rachael, and they have two children together, proving that he identifies as straight.

Q. What is Elie Honig’s Ethnicity?

Elie Honig is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, as both his grandparents survived Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust before settling in the United States.

Q. Is Elie Honig married?

Yes, he is married to Rachael.

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Elie Honig’s story reflects perseverance, ethics, and service to others. His career involves prosecuting mobsters and educating the public, fostering security, influence, and community. Each person’s talents can help many if shared fully. Honig pursued justice through diverse work supported by family and education.

On TV and in books, his compassion builds understanding. Honig shows that continuously championing righteousness ethically yields well-earned success, as demonstrated by his net worth and fame as a fairness champion. His virtuous work against hardship inspires others.

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