Motocross Racer to ‘Real State Tycoon’ Chris Heisser Net Worth

Chris Heisser has lived an eventful life. The former motocross racer turned contractor has made headlines in recent years due to his tumultuous relationship with actress Heather Locklear. But beyond the celebrity gossip, Heisser has built a successful career across different industries. Today, he heads his contracting firm and dabbles in real estate – ventures, contributing to his growing net worth.

As of 2024, Chris Heisser is a multi-millionaire. His net worth comes primarily from his work as a contractor and his past career as a professional motocross racer. However, Heisser has endured his share of controversies and legal troubles that may have impacted his finances.

In this blog post, we explore Chris Heisser net worth, background, career, business ventures, relationship journey, and potential growth of his net worth in the future.


Full Name Chris Heisser
Gender Male
Chris Heisser Wife/Fiancé Heather Locklear
Date Of Birth & Age September 23, 1960, 63 Years
Place of Birth & Nationality US, American
Source of Wealth Contractor
Net worth in 2024 Estimated $1.5M


Early Life and Motocross Racing Fame

Chris Heisser was born in the United States on September 23, 1960. During his youth, he made a name for himself as a professional AMA motocross racer.

Heisser had a short but successful motocross racing career, gaining recognition on the national circuit. Some of his accolades included:

  • Winning the 125cc National AMA Grand National Championship in 1982 and 1983
  • Reaching the top 10 national rankings in the early 1980s

Although brief, Heisser’s motocross career contributed to his initial net worth and fame. It also set the stage for his next chapter as an entrepreneur.

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Shifting Gears to Construction and Contracting

When his motocross racing days wound down, Chris Heisser decided to try his hand at business. He transitioned into the construction industry and founded his own contracting company.

Specializing in upscale residential projects, Heisser’s firm has taken on construction and renovation work on dozens of homes across California. This contracting business later became the main driver of Heisser’s wealth.

Tempestuous Relationship with Heather Locklear

Of course, most people recognize Chris Heisser as the boyfriend of Hollywood star Heather Locklear. The two dated back in high school before reconnecting in recent years.

In September 2017, Locklear even posted an Instagram photo of the couple with the caption: “My favorite person on earth. 40 years later.”

However, their relationship has been tumultuous. Both Heisser and Locklear have faced arrests as well as rehab and treatment programs. These legal issues likely took a financial toll in the form of fees and fines.

Still, Heisser’s connection to a celebrity has boosted his public profile. The increased fame has brought more business opportunities and indirectly contributed to his net worth.

Expanding His Contracting Empire

Chris Heisser’s contracting business is the foundation of his net worth today. Let’s take a closer look at its operations and its growth plans.

Core Business Operations

Heisser founded his construction firm shortly after wrapping up his motocross career. For over a decade, the company has specialized in building and renovating luxury homes, primarily across Southern California.

With his industry expertise and high-end focus, Heisser has developed a reputation for quality artistry and exceptional service. His contracting business counts dozens of completed projects to its name and a roster of elite clients.

Plans for National Expansion

Buoyed by steady profits and strong demand, Chris Heisser has big plans to grow his contracting enterprise. He is exploring opportunities to expand operations to neighbouring states and take on new regional projects.

Heisser also talks with several large national construction firms for potential partnerships or mergers. Joining forces with an established player could provide capital and resources to scale up.

Rapid expansion of his business would give Heisser’s income and net worth a significant boost. Even modest growth year after year will compound his wealth over time.

Branching Out into Real Estate

Aside from his core construction work, Chris Heisser has recently taken on some real estate ventures. He has started flipping luxury properties to turn quick profits from buying low and selling high.

Thus far, Heisser has completed a few profitable deals. However, his margins and ROI depend largely on broader housing market trends.

With his sharp business instincts and penchant for high-end homes, real estate presents an attractive new income stream. At the same time, another market crash could undermine profits in this sector.

What Could Chris Heisser Net Worth Look Like in 2024?

Heather Locklear’s Fiancé Chris Heisser net worth is around $1.5 million. Looking ahead to 2024, what factors might impact his net worth projections?

Contracting Business Driving Future Wealth

Heisser’s contracting company remains the cornerstone of his finances now and in the future. As the firm takes on more projects across new regions, his business income should rise steadily.

With the right partnerships and strategies, his construction business could hit $10-20 million in annual revenues by 2024. That success would likely boost Chris Heisser’s net worth to $5 million.

Legal Troubles Still Loom Large

However, Heisser’s run-ins with the law cast uncertainty around his future. Between arrests, court hearings, and potential sentences or settlements, legal issues could dent his finances leading up to 2024.

While the exact impact is hard to quantify, ongoing legal troubles present financial risks from lawyer fees to court fines or damages.

Real Estate and Relationship Wild Cards

Chris Heisser’s side real estate ventures and romance with Heather Locklear make his 2024 outlook hazy.

Depending on broader economic conditions, the housing market could either propel or sink his net worth. And his relationship’s stability could influence business opportunities that stem from Locklear’s fame.

Overall, Heisser boasts strong career prospects thanks to steady contracting revenues. But his net worth still hinges on multiple variable factors in the years ahead.

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The Road Ahead for Chris Heisser

Undoubtedly, Chris Heisser has an eye for business, whether racing motocross bikes or building luxury homes. His contracting company now forms the core of his wealth-building strategy.

Barring any significant legal or relationship setbacks, Heisser is also positioned for robust earnings growth in construction and real estate.

Where could his drive and diversified ventures take his net worth long-term? Only time will tell, but the future looks bright for this local construction titan and lover of a Hollywood leading lady.

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