Chris Bee Net Worth: Rise of Archer, Bowhunter & YouTuber

It’s truly unique to see how focusing on one’s passion can lead to tremendous success. Chris Bee exemplifies this perfectly, rising from competitive archery in his youth to becoming a renowned YouTube personality and businessman. Throughout his journey, he has constantly demonstrated his skill and grit in archery championships.

Let’s delve deeper into Chris Bee’s net worth & journey to understand his inspiring story better and all the factors that have contributed to his impressive net worth.


Full Name Chris Bee
Gender Male
Chris Bee Wife/Fiancé Kaitlyn Maus
Date Of Birth & Age April 29, 1997, 26 Years
Place of Birth & Nationality Howell, American
Source of Wealth  Archer & Content Creator
Net worth in 2024 Estimated $200K


Who is Chris Bee?

Chris Bee is a 26-year-old American archer, bowhunter, and digital creator from Howell, Michigan. Ever since he was a young boy, Chris has had a profound love for the sport of archery. Inspired by his father, who enjoyed bowhunting, Chris started honing his skills at just 6 years old.

He has gone on to prove himself as one of the premier archers in the country, winning an incredible five national titles over his career representing the USA. Beyond competitive archery, Chris is renowned as a YouTuber with over 330k subscribers, and he entertains with archery-focused content.

He also owns his own business, Bee Enterprises LLC. Through hard work, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit, Chris has built a successful multi-pronged career centered around his passion.

Chris Bee’s Early Life

Born on April 29, 1997, in the town of Howell, Michigan, Chris just celebrated his 26th birthday in 2023. Standing at a height of 5’6, he has the perfect build for an archer – graceful and balanced. Chris comes from an archery household, which played a significant role in him taking up the sport from a very young age.

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Family Background

Unfortunately, not much is publicly known about Chris’ immediate family members, likely due to his desire for privacy. However, he has spoken fondly about how his father would enjoy bowhunting and how that sparked his initial interest in archery.

Chris also has an older sister named Emily, who shares his passion for the sport. Both siblings were greatly encouraged by their family to pursue archery from the beginning.

Chris Bee’s Net Worth

With numerous achievements and diverse income sources spanning more than a decade, Chris Bee’s current net worth is estimated to be approximately $200,000 in 2024. This conservative figure factors in earnings from competitive prize winnings, YouTube monetization, merchandising, sponsorships, and more.

Chris Bee YouTube Earnings

YouTube has emerged as Chris’s core business with his channel. Based on recent view counts and subscriber analytics, his estimated annual earnings solely from YouTube ads and brand deals was approximately $88,538 as of late 2023. But this only covers a portion of his overall income.

Chris Bee Income Sources

While YouTube ads and branded partnerships on his popular channel generate a substantial income, it only scratches the surface of Chris Bee’s multiple earning avenues:

  • Ownership of Bee Enterprises LLC: As his full-service business, this umbrella covers social media consulting services, licensing deals, project development, and more passive streams.
  • Lucrative Sponsorships: Major archery manufacturers like Mathews, Scott, and TRUGLO provide Chris sponsorship salaries and product endorsement fees to represent their brands through competitions and videos.
  • Product Sales & Merchandising: Authentic archery gear and lifestyle apparel bearing Chris’ logo are top sellers, offering high margins.
  • Paid Appearances: Chris occasionally sponsors talks or meet & greets for archery clubs and outdoor brands, offering additional one-time payouts.
  • Future Endeavors: With his business acumen and fanbase, it’s expected Chris will successfully launch new projects and partnerships that expand his portfolio of income sources over time.

All of these diverse yet synergistic revenue channels, in addition to YouTube, maximally contribute to Chris Bee’s net worth growing year after year at a swift pace. His entrepreneurial outlook ensures financial stability.

Chris Bee Archery Career

Chris’ natural talent in archery was evident from a young age. At just 10 years old in 2007, he competed in his first official tournament hosted by the Michigan Archery Association, impressively placing third against older competition using a compound bow setup.

NASP and Early Competitions

This early success encouraged Chris to join his middle school’s National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) program, where he started dominating both regional and state-level events.

His accuracy and consistency saw him selected multiple times for the prestigious NASP All-Star Team, featuring the top 16 youth archers in the country. Chris competed internationally as part of these teams, gaining valuable experience shooting alongside world-class talent.

College Archery Career at Michigan State University

Upon enrolling at Michigan State University in 2015, Chris continued elevating his game as a proud member of the varsity archery team. He trained tirelessly to represent MSU in collegiate circuits organized by USA Archery.

It was during this time Chris achieved some of his most meaningful wins to date. Notable victories included defeating archery professionals like Steve Anderson at the 2015 Gator Cup. These landmark wins over esteemed opponents built Chris’ confidence that he could compete at the highest levels.

Major Achievements and Championships

Highlights of Chris’ illustrious competitive archery career include winning five national championships across various divisions in the United States. However, his standout achievement remains to hit a perfect score of 300 points in the intense finals of the 2017 Vegas Shoot competition – an iconic feat cementing his status among archery’s elite talent.

On the international scene, Chris proudly represented Team USA, claiming silver and bronze medals at the Youth World Championships over his youth career. Through skill and perseverance, Chris consistently proved himself against the globe’s best archers, further building a remarkable legacy in the sport.

Chris Bee’s YouTube Channel and Content Creation

Chris humbly began his YouTube channel while in high school just to share fun archery videos with friends online. Little did he know it would grow to amass over 330k subscribers today!

Popular Videos and Archery Vlogs

Hit videos like “Archery Stereotypes” that poke fun at tournament behaviors have amassed hundreds of thousands of views, demonstrating Chris’ natural talent for humor and engagement.

Chris Bee’s Social Media Presence

Aside from YouTube, Chris has accumulated sizable followings on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms totaling over 500k fans – expanding his brand reach and potential partnership deals substantially.

Chris Bee Wife

Although choosing to keep his private life out of the spotlight generally, reports indicate the dedicated archer is in a long-term relationship with a wonderful lady named Kaitlyn Maus, who shares his passion for the sport.

Kaitlyn is an experienced archer, bow hunter, and creator from Pennsylvania. The outdoorsy couple frequently appears to be enjoying archery activities together on social media, radiating happiness.

Merchandise Sales and Sponsorship Deals

From unique edition t-shirts and hats to authentic archery gear, Chris offers high-quality items, allowing devoted fans to represent him while enjoying trusted products. He sells all his merchandise in his online store, Beerealmerch.

Sponsorships and Brand Collaborations

Chris’ immense skill and likeability in the archery community have earned him prestigious sponsorships from top manufacturers such as Mathews, Scott, and TRUGLO – demonstrating faith in his abilities both as an athlete and influencer.

Bee Enterprises LLC: Chris Bee’s Company

This enterprise serves as an all-encompassing business covering Chris’ various ventures, including social media consulting, licensing deals, and the development of future archery-focused projects. It’s proving integral to his empire.

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Through unwavering dedication to archery combined with clever entrepreneurship online and in business, Chris Bee has transformed what began as a hobby into a highly successful, multi-faceted career.

With such a fantastic track record already by only 26, his prospects and ability to increase his net worth seem limitless. Chris sets an inspiring example of chasing dreams seriously yet uniquely, serving as motivation for others to chart their path creatively as well.

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